About us


Loba is a female-owned small business built on the philosophy of sustainability “From and for the Ocean” Loba’s mission is to encourage women to move harmoniously with nature, and enjoy their water sports in an environmentally sustainable way.

Loba means ‘she-wolf’ in Spanish. It represents a woman connected to her inner wild, a woman who loves to be, and feel at one with nature, and is always ready for new adventures. 

An instinctive and independent woman, guided by the moon and the ocean tides. 

LOBA is inspired by a life of travelling the world and surfing the oceans. Seeing man-made pollution up close made us want to be part of the change that our world needs.

Our priority as a brand is to do everything sustainably. We are here to be part of the change that our world needs. That’s why we believe that the future is circular, we use, re-use and re-create, and we firmly believe that quality is better than quantity.

We want to create a community of women with the same values, who take care of our environment and planet as much as we do.

All of our products are ethically made from recycled materials, turning ocean waste like plastic bottles and fishing nets, into a premium recycled nylon called ECONYL® 100% certified. 

Our materials have been tested in harsh conditions, using luxury Italian fabrics to combine high quality functionality with fashion in one beautiful product that will be with you for many seasons.

Meet the creator of Loba swimwear Poly Leal: 

‘I created LOBA with the aim of giving back to the ocean, with gratitude for how much joy it has given me.  I keep the ocean’s welfare at the forefront of every decision I make.’ 

“I come from the end of the world, where the Andes mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.

I grew up by the sea in a small town in Chile called La Serena. 

My love for surfing and being in movement with nature soon led me to competition. I become national bodyboard champion which encouraged me to travel around the world with my board searching for new waves and places to discover.

I quickly realized how much I enjoyed free surfing, travelling and living my life guided by the ocean tides and flowing like water. 

After working for many years with different sponsors, and as a sport model for brands that supported me in my sports career, I decided to create a brand that would align with the modern woman. With that “She-wolf” that we all have inside. I wanted to ensure that each decision taken was aligned with my values and above all with the awareness of our beautiful oceans.

I spent my early years surfing in icy waters, until I discovered that warmer waves were my weakness. This led me to seek them out on every trip I took, and today I find myself living in one of my favourite tropical coastlines of Australia with my family”